01 June 2017

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Best Ever Career Advice for Indian Students and Youths

Please read carefully. It has lots of tips for you.

This article intend to college students of final year degree, PUC passed students, private employees and people searching for jobs.

Please note, this article is not to advice any career path to you, but  gives an idea to get a superior career that is for lifelong and safe. Here are few points you must think about, before reading the original advice.

Points lead me to write this article are:

1. I am bored with my IT career and feel pity on how I missed a beautiful career in my good age. So you can consider this is an advice from my life experience.

2. Glamour of IT jobs are sinking due to the arrival of new technology that required you to update the skills frequently. Don't you think it is a real pain? Automation and artificial intelligence may reduce the IT job opportunities in future.

3. Everyone preferring or parents compelling their children to become doctor or engineer. Lakhs of pass-outs in each year and where is the good job for all? Chances are limited. Bangalore is popular for 10th pass students seek admission only to the Commerce and later B.Com. So you are also going to get lakhs of Commerce graduates later.

4. Private sector do not have any job security and after retirement a private employee has to find his own way to survive. Saving from job time is not applicable for most of the people. Time flexibility also nil and thus badly affect work life balance of people.

How to find a career that safeguard your life for all time.

1. Each of your state have a Public Service Commission websites that frequently post jobs available in the state government departments.  Tap this opportunity.

2. Focus for the lower level examination like Lower Division clerk to the government. Getting a government job doesn't require much pain. Focused study of 3 to 5 months (not full-time), you will land up into a job that millions of people like to have.

3. Qualification for the LD clerk exam is most time the PUC or +2 pass. Second year PUC students and final year degree students  can easily apply for this. However, it is important that you must join a good institute for a 1 or 2 month long exam preparation training and that is mandatory. Read the syllabus from the notification and prepare as per that. This is the only requirement to get a government job. Think you have a government job ready immediately you are getting graduated!

4. Once you got a government job with any department, remember you are safe. You even not need to worry about your retirement because the government will take care of that for you. Tell me what after retirement benefit you are going to get from a private organization for life long? If so, looking for an IT career is really foolishness right?

5. Once you are in government job, you can slowly look for the right job available as per your qualification and with different departments. Government employees have quota to other government positions. So if you are an engineering graduate, it is easy for you tackle an LD clerk job and later move to a government job suitable to your qualification with quota available.

6. I still wonder people running behind hot jobs in private sector just because of money in mind. However the reality is, government gob will give more money and benefit for long run!.

7. Not only state government, you have Central Government options from UPSC, Railway, Government Banks, Postal Department and a lot to select and write the exam. Think practically than time focused.

8. Getting a government job never stops a person to prepare and attend for another government job exam.

9. Still not convinced, you are welcome to the crazy world of private employers and so called 'corporates' with lots of miseries, troubles and pain and your efforts and studies will finally give you no results than just a pink paper.

Now tell me whether it is a best advice or not?