18 August 2017

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Services Required Aadhaar Card in India


Government have solid plan on linking Aadhaar card to other proofs such as PAN card and Election card etc. In future, government is planning to make the aadhaar card compulsory to buy shares and mutual fund. Here we can see the 10 services that made the Aadhaar card mandatory.

1. Bank Account

Opening a bank account required Aadhaar card as a mandatory proof. Any transactions that comes above Rs. 50,000 required to submit aadhaar as a proof. Existing account holders in the bank must link their aadhaar card with the bank account.

2. Income Tax Return

To submit the income tax returns, aadhaar card is now mandatory. Government has made a notification to link the aadhaar card with the PAN card of all income tax returns.

3. PAN Card

To apply for a new PAN, aadhaar card is mandatory. Existing PAN card holders must link their PAN card with aadhaar.

4. EPF Account

Provident fund account required aadhaar card compulsory.

5. Mobile Phone Number

To get a new mobile phone number, Aadhaar card is mandatory. All existing phone numbers must link with the aadhaar card too.

6. Scholarships

Any scholarships from the central government or any monitory help from the central government required to submit aadhaar details.

7. Passport

To apply for a passport, aadhaar card is a mandatory proof. Without an aadhaar card, you will never get a passport.

8. Railway Discounts

It is mandatory to produce the aadhaar card details to get train journey discounts.

9 School Lunch

Aadhaar details should be given to the authorities in any government schools to get the lunch.

10. Government Benefits

To get benefits from the government required the aadhaar card details.Subsidies such as cooking gas subsidies, various welfare programs, applying for a ration card all required aadhaar card mandatory.